How to Achieve Real Estate Sales Success

real estate sales success

When you first embarked on your career in real estate, you probably knew it wasn’t like other professions. Varied hours, quirky clients and a vast depth of required knowledge are just a few of the factors that play into your daily routine.  In a career where interpersonal skills are vital and self-motivation can determine your […]

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Top 10 Success Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Today’s blog post is written by Richard Fournier, author of The Millionaire Mindset For Real Estate Agents, founder of Richard Fournier Coaching International and co-founder of The Fournier Hughes Team in Southern Ontario. In Richard’s first year as an agent he earned over six figures in income. His success as a top producer in the […]

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How Real Estate Success Stories Will Win You New Clients

Real estate success stories are among the most persuasive elements of a real estate marketing program. People may forget the details of your credentials, such as years of experience or list/sold statistics, but your past real estate successes will stick. You may have testimonials and real estate success stories already featured on your website and […]

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How to Stay Committed to Your Goals and Achieve Real Estate Sales Success

It’s called the “New Year’s Eve Syndrome.” You’re a real estate sales professional who sets some exciting goals for yourself. Perhaps you want to ramp up your real estate marketing, generate more leads or referrals, or do a better job of updating your real estate contact management system. You’re motivated. You can’t wait to get started. […]

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